AEP, Asociación Española de Personalismo

The Spanish Personalist Association is a nonprofit association whose purpose is to promote, spread, deepen and develop  personalist philosophy. The AEP organizes courses, seminars, congresses, conferences and other activities to publicize and deepen personalist thinking. It also promotes publications in the field of personalism.

The association also seeks to serve as a meeting forum for professionals dedicated to the study of the person within different fields (philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, medicine, pedagogy, anthropology, economics, etc.) and promote across society the values ​​of the person through participation in the media, institutions and cultural and social forums.

In 2001, a group of friends interested in personal philosophy began to carry out activities directly related to personalism. Some months later, on a rainy afternoon in November 2002, the group took the form of the Personalist Studies Group. A year later, given the good results of the activities carried out and the desire and possibility of expanding its range a formal association was created, the AEP, which was born on December 13, 2003.