AIP, Ibero-American Personalist Association

The Ibero-American Personalist Association is a cross-national non-profit and philosophical/cultural association whose aim is to promote, disseminate and develop personalist philosophy, mainly in Latin America, and in collaboration with entities, associations or organizations from other continents. The AIP is inspired by the activities carried out by the Spanish Association of Personalism (AEP) and its way of understanding personalism, without prejudice to being open to the whole family of personalist organizations. The AIP holds a biannual Congress, typically in an Ibero-American country, which seeks to bring together people and institutions that work in the field of personalism. The AIP also promotes the diffusion of personalism in Ibero-American countries by stimulating the creation of collaboration networks between people and institutions, organizing courses, seminars, conferences and other activities to publicize and deepen personalist thinking, as well as projects of research on personalism and publications in the field of personalism. The AIP was founded in 2011, and counts membership in Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, and Costa Rica.